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Vitamin Injections

At Cosmetic Club we offer a range of Vitamin injections via intramuscular injections. This is a great way to received vitamins.

The body will absorb 80-90% of the vitamin opposed to in tablet form which is approx. 20-30%.

B12 Vitamin Injection:

- Increases energy

- Balances hormones

- Regulates metabolism

- Balances nervous system

- Removes toxins

- Helps depression & anxiety 

Essential for body functionality

Duration: 15 mins

Price: From £30


Biotin Injection:

- Helps with muscle pains and aches 

- Helps with brittle hair

- Hair loss

- Digestion problems

- Dry irritated skin

- Helps with fatigue 

- Mood swings

Duration: 15 mins

Price: £30


Vitamin B Injection:

- The ultimate fat burning complex

- Burns fat

- Speeds up metabolism 

- Boosts energy

- Prevents muscle aches

- Regulates appetite

Duration: 15 mins

Price: £30

Vitamin C Injection:

- Works with an enzyme that makes collagen

- Brighten skins and complexion

- Boosts immune system

- Responsible for healthy bones, tissues and veins

- Helps prevent allergies and skin rashes

Duration: 15 mins

Price: £30

Glutathione Injection:

- Antioxidant 

- Gives radiant Dewey glow to skin

- Helps keep skin hydrated

- Increases sex drive

- Increases stamina

- Strengthens immune system

Duration: 15 mins

Price: £40

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